CyberStart 2019



There's a huge shortage of cybersecurity experts in the US. Girls Go CyberStart encourages high school girls to explore the exciting career opportunities in the field, join the global cybersecurity community and learn skills that will ensure our country offers a safe place to live, work and play online.

What is it?

Girls Go CyberStart is a fun and interactive series of digital challenges designed to introduce you to the field of cybersecurity. More than 6,600 high school girls played Girls Go CyberStart in 2018 and loved it! Best of all? You will compete in three stages for the chance to win cash prizes for you and your school as well as scholarships to help pay for college.

How do I know if I've got what it takes?

Do you enjoy solving puzzles, using logic to work through challenging tasks and learning new skills? Then this is for you!  People who enjoy learning new languages, math, or music often excel in this field - but so do people who prefer geography, history and drama! Whatever your passion, there's only one way to find out if you'll also love cybersecurity. Give it a shot!


Governor Kim Reynolds Press Release on CyberStart 2019 ->

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